Admission guide

Admission Guideline

Hospitalization of patients is conducted in two ways:

1.Referral from hospital emergency: the patient is visited in emergency and based on the doctor on duty’s order is either admitted or discharged
2. Referral from office: the patient refers to the reception with a doctor's order and is admitted and file the case

Requirements for admission:

1.Copyof patient’s insurance card(notebook)front page 2 sheets
2.Copy of the doctor’s admission order 1 sheet
3.Copy of the introducing letter from complementary insurance company 1 sheet
4. For receiving introducing letter fromcomplementary insurance, patient shall go to their complementary health insurance having the copy of the admission order and a copy of patient insurance card front page.

5- Patients who have complementary insurance, their introducing letters are issued by the site within the hospital and there is no need to go to complementary insurance office.
6. Copy of the National ID card of Patients 1 sheet
7. Copy of first and second page of the birth certificate for single girls over 15 years 1 sheet
8.Copy of student card for boys over 22 years 1 sheet
9. Copy of the death certificate of the patient's spouse 1 sheet
10 Copy of divorce paper for divorced patients 1 sheet
11. Copy of the patient's mother health insurance cardfor patients under 2 years, 1 sheet
(Having the patient's mother original health insurance card is compulsory)

12- Health insurance card of patients who are 2 years and older must be with a picture on it.
13. For the operations related to the diseases of women, the presence of patient husband is mandatory.