Hospital internal rules

Hospital internal rules :

- Visiting hours is every day from 14:30 to 15:30.
- In order not to disturb the peace patients, telephone communication is established only from 8 pm to 21 pm.
- Entry of children under 12 years of age into hospital is prohibited.
- Smoking in prohibited.
- Keeping money and valuablesbelongings and extra clothesshall be avoided.
- Safety of valuablesbelongings and money is the responsibility of patients, and hospital will not be held accountable for any loss.
- The presence of the patientcompanion(representative) shall be decided by the director of the ward and getting a companion permit(card) is necessary.
- The representativecard shall be replaced daily.
- The wards are strictly forbidden to bring any fresh flowers.
- Discharge timestarts at 10 a.m.
- discharge process is done after the doctor’s order and completing the caseby nurses and secretary of the ward.
- The costs are calculated according to the Governorship tariffs and type of patient insurance.